Is It worth getting a personal trainer ?

A personal trainer is an individual who works with other people to help them improve their physical fitness. This will normally focus on different forms of physical exercise but may include some general advice on nutrition and lifestyle as well.

Personal training is normally done on a one-on-one basis but can also be done through small groups, normally to reduce costs. Some personal trainers now work with clients online, which also allows the client to record sessions that can be re-visited whenever needed.

What is personal fitness training?

Getting fit means different things to different people, and a good personal trainer will recognise this from the outset. Before beginning any type of workout regime, the trainer should have a good talk with the client about their current level of fitness, diet, general way of living, and what goals they want to set. Some trainers may take a detailed medical history or ask if there are any current medical issues.

Personal fitness training can cover many different types of physical exercise. Most trainers have a fairly broad experience in areas such as boxing or some type of martial arts, cardiovascular training, strength and conditioning training, yoga or Pilates. Some programs may also cater to elderly clients or clients with long-term or temporary disabilities. 

What are the benefits of personal training?

For most people, the main benefit of personal training is often seen as having someone else who they work with who can monitor their activity with their chosen form of exercise, and hold them accountable for progressing towards their set goals.

In addition, a good personal trainer will be able to teach the client the correct form of their chosen exercise and help establish a good routine and proper habits. The trainer will establish a training program from the beginning and a structure that works for both parties. 

Choosing a personal trainer

Many factors can help you choose a personal trainer. Two of the most important are probably cost and the personal relationship between the two of them. Costs can vary widely in the UK, depending upon the gym, the location, the experience of the trainer, and how many sessions per week are anticipated. The cost of personal fitness training sessions is virtually always separate from the cost of the gym membership, and payment is normally negotiated directly between the client and the personal trainer.

The relationship between the personal fitness trainer and client is really important, as trust between the two is a key element of being able to work together to achieve the client's goals. Anyone who is a member of a gym can see personal trainers around, and get to know them a bit before choosing which one to ask to be their own trainer.

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